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Supreme Body butter AND Body scrub package
  • Supreme Body butter AND Body scrub package


    You get NINE virtual courses and NINE recipes! You get access 24/7, so you can watch them at your own pace. You will learn how to formulate soft and creamy body butter. You will also understand how to formulate oil-based, shea butter-based, and foaming-based body scrubs. One of the videos is a fundamental video that will help you learn the foundation of body butter and body scrub making. That video will be one of the MOST important courses to help you start formulating. Without this information, it WILL be hard to formulate accurately and precisely. The other videos are phenomenal recipes that WILL keep your customers coming back for more!! These recipes have been the foundation of all of my formulas! The formulas in these courses can be altered.


    After watching these videos, you will increase your knowledge of making body scrubs and body butters and have an arsenal of great recipes that your current and future customers will LOVE. You will also be able to access a tutor who WILL be obligated to help you understand formulating! The creator and tutor of these videos has a degree in biology and an extensive experience in a chemistry and biology laboratory setting.


    You will learn:


    How to formulate and calculate body and body scrubs PROPERLY

    How to alter formulations

    How to calculate different batches

    How to prevent mold and bacteria growth

    How to reduce contamination

    Tools and Safety Overview



    Body butter:


    How to properly make whipped/pourable body butter

    How to color your products

    How to prevent your body butter from melting as fast

    How to prevent your jars from leaking during shipping

    How to store your body butter



    Body scrubs:


    How to make a foaming bath scrub

    How to make a basic sugar and oil base sugar scrub

    Hot to make a shea butter-based body scrub

    How to preserve your body scrub

    How to color your body scrub

    How to prevent your jars from leaking during shipping





    Class information:


    If you have any questions, you can email and . We are 100% committed to helping our customers. One of our customer representatives will reply within 24 hours or less.


    Cancellation policy:


    You will not receive any money back if you receive the links.

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