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About me

I am Stephanie, CEO of Naheala. I received a bachelor's degree in biological science at Frostburg state university in 2018.

I have always had a passion for helping other people. At a young age, I sat and created concoctions that helped grow my hair. After I graduated from college, I decided to apply what I learned as a biology student. I decided to make cosmetic products. My first official product was body butter. I chose body butter because I had trouble finding something to fix my dry skin issues. I also had a tough time finding products that did not contain coconut oil. (Unfortunately, I have an allergy to coconut oil) I searched through a large number of natural products and discovered that many of them contained coconut oil. During my search, I wasted a lot of money. I also tried many products and felt like they did not last long on my skin. 

I worked on my body butter and researched ways to solve dry and flaky skin issues. I started slowly venturing into other products like hair oil, body scrubs, soaps, etc. My mission was to help people with dry and normal skin types. I stayed focused on my business and never gave up. Over time people started to contact me and say that my products are working for them. I was so happy to see my hard work paying off. 

I have met and helped many people with their skin, hair, or business. I not only want to continue to grow, but I want to be able to help others grow as well. I want to give my uniqueness to the world and show people my genuine intentions. I also want to continue to be more present in my community and build trust among my people. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to learn about me.

My first vendors event

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