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Golden  tears hair growth oil 4 oz
  • Golden tears hair growth oil 4 oz


    The golden tears hair oil is lightweight and scented with lemongrass and hints of lavender. 



    This oil may reduce dandruff and irritation. This product also contains vitamins and minerals that help to nourish the scalp and stimulate hair growth. One of the key ingredients is castor oil. Castor oil helps to seal in moisture within the hair follicle. Sealing in moisture helps to reduce the risk of hair drying out and breaking.


    Recommended use: It is best to apply this product to damp hair. You can also apply it to dry hair as well. Apply a generous amount to your scalp and hair and massage it in as needed.


    Ingredients: grape seed oil, olive oil, cedar wood oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, lemongrass oil, vitamin e oil, and rose petals.



    • Recommend performing a patch test to see if there is an allergic reaction.



    We cannot guarantee that any unpackaged products served in our stores are allergen-free because we use shared equipment to store, prepare, and serve them. 

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