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Websites/ vendors list

Websites/ vendors list


This list is best for USA base customers. This list contains the following: A website to start selling your items and advertise your products. Ingredients to begin your lip care, hair care, and skincare business. Provide you with a place to find shipping and label material. A place to create graphic designs like labels, stickers, logos, and more. 🌻


This package offers an opportunity to source products from trusted and reputable suppliers. You can easily access product information, pricing, and place orders seamlessly. This saves you time and effort in finding reliable suppliers and ensures that you receive genuine and top-notch products.


Individuals interested in creating their own cosmetic products will also benefit from this package. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced DIY enthusiast, the included websites provide essential resources and ingredients for creating your own formulations. You can purchase small quantities for personal use or even buy in bulk for large-scale production.


Overall, this package is a valuable resource for cosmetic businesses or individuals looking to create products that people will love. It provides reliable websites, quality products, and the flexibility to buy in small or bulk quantities, making it a convenient and beneficial choice for anyone in the cosmetics industry.

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